Point 2 Biz is a family running business specialized in marketing and brand representation.


Founded in 2014 by a marketing graduated Portuguese couple, Point 2 Biz started to represent small Portuguese business in UK by promoting and selling their products.


At that time, the Portuguese couple were inspired to create their own brand - Leather Nut. Leather Nut products were designed to transmit the essence of ancient materials produced in the most traditional way and preserving the cultural history and the knowledge of craftsman passed over generations.

Point 2 Biz love to involve people with business, sharing their emotions and creations. They aim to help other business facing their marketing needs and expand their brands by representing, promoting and selling their products. 




Point 2 Biz has a full background in marketing and management. We are happy to help you with your marketing proposes such as:

- Marketing Plans

- Branding

- Advertisement

- Digital Marketing

- Corporate Image

- Design and Web Design

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Point 2 Biz Solutions is proudly to be the only UK representative and distributor of Rosários 4, Coimpack, Leather Nut and Arm & Bow brands. We do wholesale of all their products. Please contact us if you need more information.


Rosários 4 is a Portuguese company, specialized in the production and dyeing of knitting, crochet and Arraiolos yarns.


Coimpack is passionate and dedicated to custom packaging for luxury brands and craft products.

Leather Nut Logo.jpg.jpg

Leather Nut was born from the desire of sharing the knowledge of craftsmen and artisans passed over generations, preserving cultural history, designing products to be handmade using the most natural and ancient  materials.

Bow & Arrow

Arm & Bow passion is about natural and ecologic fibers. Designing home and personal accessories with sustainability in mind, Arm & Bow aims to fuse traditional and contemporary design creating an inspiring brand.